Wednesday, 14 November 2012

CCW Christmas Countdown Day 14

o·ri·ga·mi /ˌôrəˈgämē n. pl. o·ri·ga·mis
  • 1. The art or process, originating in Japan, of folding paper into shapes representing flowers and birds, for example.
  • 2. A decorative object made by folding paper.
[Japanese : ori, to fold + kami, paper.]

Like all aspects of crafting, origami is addictive … be warned. I only discovered it recently and now seem to be folding bits of paper all the time. I started with the bow you can see on my blog  here and I am aspiring to make some of the beautiful and complicated projects available to learn from internet tutorials. Of course it’s best to ‘start simple’ so, my introduction for you to origami are these cute little Santas which are multiplying around here!

Of the hundreds of origami websites I like Origami Maniacs the best and I can’t make a better tutorial than this one. You can use any thin paper but I have found that purpose-made origami paper is easiest for accurate folding. To make the Santas you need paper that is coloured on one side and white on the other. I bought my paper in Hobbycraft then found it A LOT cheaper in The Works.

We have a family tradition of keeping everyone entertained with games and activities between courses during Christmas lunch – this year I am going to give everyone a sheet of origami paper to make their own Santas. The children will love drawing on the faces even if they are too young to manage the folding.

glassYou could string a line of the Santas to make Christmas bunting, or use them to decorate your Christmas table, or you could help children to make cards with them.

Happy folding!
Sue x



Lindsay Coleman said...

Wow, I love these. So cute, I have a couple of hours off this morning so will have a go at them. I will also add these to the list of Christmas makes I do with my minding children.

I'm loving this Christmas Countdown.

Jennie Hart said...

oh they are so so cute, Ali will enjoy them and I love them as a topper :D xxx

Christine said...

Soooo cute! What a great way to keep the family amused :)

Lou said...

Fab, am going to save this for next year and Poppy can make some then, shes already getting the crafting bug as sits next to me cutting things up when I craft.

Lou x

Andrea said...

thanks for visiting and your lovely comments are very much appreciated love the origami Santa's they look fab especially in the different colours have a great week ... Andrea #60 x

susibee said...

These are so cute - I love the idea of making them in to bunting:)

Lainy said...

Wow, those are some cute Santas :)I think they'd look fab as bunting.

Sarah's Little Snippets said...

Now I know what we'll be doing in the run up to Christmas. The children keep repeating the video...I think I'll be making them in my sleep lol. Fab idea Sue! xx