Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Eastbourne revisited

It was odd being in Eastbourne after all this time – I did my teacher training in Seaford, just along the coast, nearly 40 years ago! The seaside town was just as I remembered. This weekend we stayed at the majestic Chatsworth Hotel with it’s tattered Miss Marple atmosphere adding to its charm.view at night I kept expecting Monsieur Poirot to step out of the cranky lift.

Apart from having very little spare time, my camera battery died so this is the only picture I took. It’s the lovely view from my hotel bedroom at sunrise. Yes I was up at that time!

I’ve done a bit of blog hopping and grabbed a few more photos.

These were taken by Lynne.

These are from Cricut-winning-Linda’s blog.

pierLinda 1











And finally, this one from Mrs Wonka just about sums up the weekend!

How we laughed!


Sue x


Mrs Wonka said...

Didn't we just! Hope we get to do it all again!

Zoe x

Lynne said...

Yep we did have a fantastic time!
Lovely to meet you and Jan and hope we can do it again next year
Take care, it was great to meet you
Lynne xx

susibee said...

Looks lik!e you all had a ball

Rhonda Emery said...

oh how fun is your blog, i love it.
I am now a follower.