Thursday 25 July 2013

Beat the Christmas Rush 25 July – 24 August

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Christmas tally – 35 cards done and dusted!cards2

So … I bet you wished you'd joined me in January and had 35 cards under your belt! Smug? Me? Well, even if you haven’t started, no matter, please do join us now. We are aiming to make up to 5 cards each month so we are ahead of the rush come December. Here are my cards for this month – I made some of these last year and liked them a lot, so I dug out the pegs and did some more I hope I don’t send them to the same people! The little clothes are cut on my Cricut and the posts are coffee stirrers sorry Marilyn I know I am embarrassing when I pinch them in coffee shops LOL.

toniThank you to everyone who left a link last month – my favourite was this fun card by Toni … isn’t that a cute image?

I’m looking forward to seeing your cards. :o)

The small print : please link back to my blog in your post, mentioning Beat the Christmas Rush. You can make up to 5 separate links each month :o) 

  Sue x


Virginia said...

Oh they are gorgeous I've got loads of those little pegs and never know how to use them! Thank you for the inspiration and as I say each month, I really must do more cards!

House of Bears said...

We love your cards. We have 19 so far but most were made last year in a just before Christmas frenzy, you've inspired us though and we'll attempt to make some this evening.

Unknown said...

They are so cute, I hope you will be sending one to Sophia :D xxx

Rita said...

My first card this year! :(
But it's a beautiful idea!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tip off on this Sue....I don't make many cards nowadays but perhaps this will tempt me back to card making! x

misteejay said...

Thank you for showing one of my cards Sue.

Just where has the month gone?

I need to get my finger out if I'm going to have anything to post for this month's BtCR.

Toni xx

misteejay said...

Managed to get 5 cards made and blogged (very close to the deadline, I know). I went for a more clean & simple approach for this batch.

Toni xx