Thursday, 3 July 2014

UKS Challenge June wk5

This week’s challenge was a very interesting one by the lovely Jen of Wear Crafts who gave us a formula to work with. Jen said …

“One of my new croppers was struggling with starting points for her layouts and then looking for ways to improve her work... which made me think hard about my scrapping process... so I realised, I adopt a kind of 'Good, Better, Best' approach.
I start off with 'Good' - basic shapes from paper arranged in a pleasing manner with co-ordinating colours, photo placed and title/journaling located.
Then, I do 'Better' - take quick photo of placement and remove all the bits to ink edges, add glitter, embossing or whatever to the basic shapes, refer to the photo and glue everything down.
Finally, I do 'Best' - add all the extra embellishments... clips, buttons, ribbons, icons, ink squirts ... whatever I want to add.”

So here are my efforts …

a good

I started with my photo and the fabulous Simple Stories Good Day Sunshine which, coincidentally I bought from Wear Crafts.





a better


I decided I didn’t like the blue background and that the big title was overwhelming the page. I added a few embellishments from the kit and matted the photo to give it some definition on the page.


a best



And my final page with more embellishments, embroidered circles to reflect the blue hoops in the photo and some journalling.



susibee said...

I love how you've gone through the process and the finished result is fab - the sewn circles are perfect:D

Virginia said...

Absolutely fabulous, I love how you swapped the background cardstock colour! The best layout looks beautiful!

Christine said...

Another great page with fab stitching :D
Love the action photo of Sophia :) x

scrappyjen said...

Well that is wonderful! I think I was the only person in the whole world not to get this collection! Love seeing the process and thankyou for joining in with my challenge! Jenxxx

Chidkid said...

Wonderful to see the process

Jimjams said...

Best of the bunch - love it!