Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Photography Scavenger Hunt

I've been having great fun with Rinda’s Summertime photography Scavenger Hunt which you can join in with here. And the June linky is here.

My photos so far …
   2 garden gnome
   4 group of tourists
   5 rack of postcards
   7 rural landscape
   9 bakery
 10 photobomb
 11 horn
 17 lamp post
 18 waterfall
 19 public garden
 20 bus with picture on side
 21 me with something representing summer
 alt a hot air balloon

I’ve decided to do some pocket scrapping with them and made 4x6 cards – if anyone would like a set just email me sue at suehr dot fsnet dot co dot uk and I’ll send them over.
1 scanned (600 x 410)2 scanned


furrypig said...

wow you are totally clever and very generous to offer these fab cards thank you (email sent!) xxx

susibee said...

Lovely photos Sue and those cards are great - thanks for sharing.

Alison said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Susan...great pics xx

Chidkid said...

Great photos.. I've got quite a few now too.

Lesley G said...

Great photos, glad you're having fun and a lovely offer of your cards. I still haven't scrapped last years photos so thanks for the reminder!

Anonymous said...

love your photos...I had to laugh when I saw the bakery "horn" since I had been thinking about that too!!
Thanks for visiting my blog too.

Lady Ella said...

Nice photos. I thought of cream horns when I saw the list but this is the first I've seen posted. Love it!!!

scrappyjen said...

Gnomes! I have seen gnomes elsewhere on blogs! Sharing your printable offer and checking that I am a blog follower... I will get back to being organised eventually jxxx