Saturday, 11 January 2014

Mary’s Tunis Cake

Tunis cke

I saw Mary Berry make a Tunis Cake on TV the other day and it brought back a memory of childhood Christmases. My dad loved the McVities’ Tunis cakes and we had one every year as a special treat. As I remember he always complained that the chocolate got thinner over the years but he enjoyed it none-the-less. More recently we have bought one from Sainsbury’s but it’s not the same. Anyway, when I saw Mary’s recipe I had to have a go. I’d suggest baking at a lower temp than the recipe says as mine’s a bit overcooked but it tastes just fine. By the way, I had to wrest the marzipan fruits from Michael – mum bought him a box for Christmas and he was very reluctant to give me the last three!



susibee said...

Your cake looks absolutely lovely. I'd never heard of tunis cake until I saw it on the TV and am looking forward to giving it a whirl:)

Karen said...

I haven't had marzipan fruits for years! Cake looks very professional , Sue xx

Lindsay Coleman said...

Great looking cake, bet it was yummy. You'd have had to fight me off the marzipan fruits as well, love them. xx

Jennie Hart said...

Looks gorgeous Sue, I have never heard of this cake, off to have a look :-) xxx