Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Chinese Whispers

My team on UK Scrappers played a scrapbooking version of Chinese Whispers. I started it off with a page which I sent to the next person who scraplifted that page, changing one major aspect of the layout of the page before sending their page onto the next person and so on. Here’s what we did …

1 Sue  1 Sue

2 Janet  2 Janet

3 Nikki  3 Nikki

4 Susi  4 Susi

5 Laura  5 Laura

6 Jen  6 Jen

7 Maria  7 Maria

8 Karen  8 Karen

9 Kay  9 Kay

10 Sarah  10 Sarah

11 Chris  11 Chris


susibee said...

They are all absolutely fab, in fact, brilliant.

Christine said...

Such a difference from start to finish!
Great work everyone :)

Jennie Hart said...

Yes, fab job everyone :) xxx

Sarah said...

Fab job everyone - what great pages - all of them x x x