Saturday, 16 October 2010

Pumpkin Cottage


I’m always sorry when summer is over then we get a day like today and I remember why I love the autumn. The sun is shining, there are wispy clouds in the sky, golden leaves drift gently to the ground and we have hot buttered crumpets for tea.

It seemed a fitting day to visit Pumpkin Cottage, in Slindon, and we weren’t disappointed by the fabulous display of pumpkins of all shapes, sizes and colours.

I’m off to make some Pumpkin Soup with Jamie Oliver.

Sue x

PS The soup was just delish!

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Linda said...

isn't it fab there? Mum and I visited on Wednesday

susibee said...

What a fab display of pumkins - I've never seen so many. It's not quite the same looking at them in the supermarket!