Friday, 27 August 2010

A day’s scrapping


Jan and Jackie

I spent yesterday scrapping with my two friends, Jan and Jackie, at The Eternal Maker in Chichester. I did three pages for my travel journal, so it was a productive day for me, Jan made a minibook and a box like the one you can see in front of Jackie in the photo … I’m not at all sure what Jackie did all day! :o) Still, we chatted, ate a great deal of chocolate and generally had a good time.

Sue x

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Jackie said...

Thanks, Despite not achieving much (or anything at all really)I had a great day with the two of you. Look forward to the next time. xx

Scribble Monster said...

That looks like fun Sue, it would be great to find someone with the same hobby here to share it with them, though I have been working on somebody. She probably won't be the one though as she is careful with money and you so can't be with this hobby!

susibee said...

The first thing I noticed in the photo of your friends, was the chocolate:) As Jen said, it must be nice to have a friend to share our hobby with.
I love how your journal is coming along.