Monday, 3 July 2017

UK Scrappers Photo Challenge

Yay! It’s back!

headingThe challenge is here – hope you’ll join in, too.

Do keep popping back to see how I’m doing finding these …

1 a dome, above Uppark House

2 a hanging basket, on the pub in Selbourne

hanging basket
3 something sticky, a teazel

4 something smaller than your thumb, my wedding nails

smaller than thumb
5 a set of three, finials on the summer house at Uppark

set of 3
6 anything noisy. my great-nephew, Leo, on a family outing to Goodwood races

7 on a bench, Michael at Uppark, looking out over the beautiful South Downs

8 an apple, waiting to be scrumped from next door’s tree

9 an object you would never part with, my beloved mini, Gertie

not parteed
10 a street sign beginning with the letter S, by the car park at Gilbert White’s house, Selborne

street sign S
11 a reflection other than in a mirror, a stained glass window reflected in floor tiles at Uppark House

12 stitches
13 something tall, a huge urn at Gilbert White’s house

tall urn
14 anything containing the letter Z, a road sign warning of Z bends on the way to Compton

and a house name plaque in Selborne referring to the famous zig-zag pathway zigzag
15 feathers, on beer for sale at our local garden centre

16 peace and quiet. the lovely gardens at Uppark House

peace and quiet
17 something with a tail, a tin swallow for sale in NT shops

18 a wall, at Uppark House, a flint wall typical of the area where we live

19 two wheels, a bicycle rack at Uppark House

2 wheels
20 something surprising! a succulent growing in our garden which has flowered for the first time ever

Substitutes list
A a new frock
B a summer celebration
C the colour yellow, a table decoration at my nephew’s wedding

D a menu in the café at Uppark House


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susibee said...

You're doing well, I've only got five ✅. Some great photos.

Maggie said...

Well done, it's been great fun once again, thanks!