Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Blue Brads’ Winter Scavenger Hunt

photoLast summer we had great fun with Rinda’s Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt so we have blatantly stolen the idea and set up our own winter themed photo challenge on UK Scrappers. Please feel free to join in here even if you aren’t a member of UKs and link us up to your photos on your FB page, your photo host or your blog via the comments here  – the real fun is seeing all the different interpretations of the prompts …

… so get clicking!


Here’s your list – the challenge is to get as many photos using the prompts as possible by March 20th.

1 Frozen   
2 a clock at 12, striking
3 our garden in winter 
4 a fir cone
5 a dog in a winter jacket, woofing
6 ladies dancing
7 a squirrel, hopping
8 a warm hat and a scarf or mittens, warming
9 your craft space, bulging
10 the holly and the ivy (one or both) singing                

11 a robin, a-bobbin'
12 anything icy, glistening
13 sunset, glowing
14 a craft shop, tempting
15 a chimney, smoking
16 lambs, gambolling
17 frosty breath or rosy cheeks, or both, glowing
18 a warm hearth, crackling
19 winter berries


20 foot prints, crunching  
21 a winter pudding or drink
22 party balloons, floating
23 jimjams
24 a hand-addressed letter
25 a house number the same as your birthday
26 fallen leaves, rustling    
27 snowdrops or daffodils, peeping  
28 a cobweb
29 a street busker, playing
30 swans a-swimming



Stacey said...

Fancy a go at this! I can't see me getting all of them though!! :)

Lesley G said...

Oooh how exciting, I had found this one but now yours looks better as some of the others are a bit difficult as I found it too late!!!
I'm in, off to print that list!!!

Karen said...

Count me in ! Loved the summer one ! will post pix on FB xx

Christine said...

Have started taking a few pics :) Going to blog them now :) x

Christine said...

And here's #18 - a warm hearth, crackling :)

Christine said...

Ooops...should have added a linkie!