Tuesday, 3 June 2014

A weekly blog tour

Last week I was invited by Lesley thank you and so sorry I’m late in posting! to take part in a blog hop tour and you can see her super post by clicking on her name.
Lesley asked me to answer these four questions …
  • What am I working on?
  • How does my work differ from others of its genre?
  • Why do I create what I do?
  • How does your creating process work?
Following Lesley’s fab post is a bit daunting but I’ll give it a go. So …

What am I working on?
My first love in crafting is working with paper, but lately I’ve dipped my toes well fingers into the world of fabric. Out there is the most wonderful selection of beautiful material, and I guess this is just an excuse to spend and stroke. LOL We are planning to have a stall at a Craft Fair near Christmas and I am busy making pop-up desk tidies. What do you think?



Of course I am scrapping between times and here’s the last page I did a scraplift from a fab page by Susi for the UKS weekly challenge …

boating lake

How does my work differ from others of its genre?
Well I’m not sure it does, really. I love to scrap and sew in bright, bold colours and also like to draw a sketch at the planning stage. I run a sketch challenge each month. Here’s a few of my sketches please fell free to use them if you’d like

Feb scrap mapNov sketchMar sketch

Why do I abc3create what I do?
I’m not sure about my sewing, except maybe because I love pretty patterns, but I most definitely scrap to preserve the memories my family are making and the things that Michael and I do together. My four great-nieces and nephews are so deliciously photogenic, I can’t resist them as page subjects.

How does your creating process work?Sue 2
I generally don’t plan much … just scrap or sew as the whim takes me. I spend a lot of time browsing Pinterest but rarely go back and make something I’ve pinned, except when I’m trying to make a card definitely not my forte to work in such a confined space. I run a Christmas card challenge and almost always pinch someone’s ideas on Pinterest!

Thank you, Lesley, for the opportunity to join in the blog tour – I’ve enjoyed putting together my post.

I’ve passed the hopping baton to two very talented ladies who are also very dear friends Jen and Sarah. Please be sure to visit their blogs on Monday 9th June - you'll be glad you did. 


Christine said...

Lovely post Sue :) I adore those pop up desk tidies :D x

furrypig said...

interesting post and I love the pop up desk tidies...quirky and useful...what more could you want!

Maria said...

super fabrics, I must say the lovely fabrics make me wish I sewed too. Your work (fabric and paper) is always so nice and colourful and these are no exception. Love the christmas cards too

jill said...

So many lovely things to look at on your blog . I like the tree on your Christmas cards,

Lesley G said...

Wow, those desk tidies are amazing!
You should join in with See It Pin It Do It SIPIDI, it certainly gets me doing instead of constantly pinning!
A great post Sue, thanks for keeping that baton going :) xx

susibee said...

I wondered what SIPIDI meant, thanks Lesley LOL!

Lovely to see some of your projects, your work is always of the highest standard and so colourful :)

Jennie Hart said...

What a great post from you Sue. Great to see such a selection of your work and those pop-up tidies are gorgeous, just gorgeous xxx Off to look at Lesley's


I love your pop up desk tidies Susan. They should be popular at your Craft Fair. I just been feeding Hamish in your sidebar. You can blame me if he gets too fat to turn his wheel ! Take care now. Marion

Michelle G said...

Great projects, always interesting posts.