Thursday 24 October 2013

Beat the Christmas Rush

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Phew! I made it! 50 cards in 10 months! I have definitely Beaten the Christmas Rush I wonder how many other people have? This will be our last link in 2013 ready to go again in January 2014?SAM_0947

First of all, my favourite linky from last month was this gorgeous card by Toni, I love it’s old fashioned appeal and Toni’s colouring is fab-u-lous!

Here are my last five cards for this year – please link up yours, even if you haven’t joined in so far. :o)

figgy puddings
Bet you’re humming now :o)
Sue x


misteejay said...

Thank you for choosing my card - I really enjoyed playing with that image.

I think I've managed more cards than I thought (even though I was late to the party). I'll have to get my finger out and see what I can make for this last batch.

Toni xx

susibee said...

Lovely cards, Sue:)

Unknown said...

They are lovely Sue, well done. Such a great idea. I'm well behind but have a few. I might gave to make some figgy pudding cards xx

ionabunny said...

Hi Sue, it's been fun and you have certainly motivated me to make little and often resulting in a lovely stash of cards for the silly season. I love your figgy puddings. What a great idea. I'll be back with some cards soon.....

Unknown said...

Oh they are stunning, super idea. xxx

Well done on the card count!