Monday, 17 December 2012

Christmas Baking

There’s not a lot of paper crafting happening here at the moment so I thought I’d share a little of what’s going on in the kitchen. I saw Lorraine Pascale make some mincemeat stars in her programme Baking Made Easy – I love her cooking, I do not, however, love mincemeat so I baked a dozen today using some ginger jam made for me by Stacey, Beth’s mum. Lorraine does usually use ready made puff pastry, though she didn’t on this occasion – but I did!  They really were very easy and will make a great pudding with cream or warm with custard. If you want them as nibbles just make the squares smaller. I cut a rolled out piece of Tesco puff pastry into 6  squares measuring about 5” x 5” but you could easily make 12 – mine are giant sized!

Pinwheel Puffs

“Get in plenty of ready-made all-butter puff pastry ... In what parallel universe does anyone have time at Christmas to make puff pastry? … You can use it to make Lorraine Pascale’s easy mince pie stars. Simply cut out squares, spoon a little ready-made mincemeat in the middle, fold, glaze and bake.”

BBC Food blog

Sue x


Jennie Hart said...

susibee said...

They look lovely Sue. I love mincemeat so I've added puff pastry to my shopping list and will be making some of these on Wednesday lol!

Shirley-anne said...

Hi Sue MM Mmm. i think our family would like the ginger jam ones best ..