Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Scrapping at Olney

At last I have managed to photograph and upload some of the scrapping I did on our team retreat at Olney last week. They are all for challenges at UK Scrappers.

The first two are the beginning of a series of pages I’m planning featuring photographs of Michael’s family. I have a box of them and my MiL, bless her, has written the date and who’s who on most of them which makes scrapping a lot easier.


  mary and Alice

This one is of Marilyn and Laura on our day trip to London just before Christmas. They were engrossed with something on their i-phones.two of a kind Sue x


susibee said...

Lovely pages Sue and it was nice to see them being made.

Jennie Hart said...

Thay are all so lovely. That album of your in-laws is going to be stunning :)